German Cancer Research Center in the Helmholtz Association - Center for Molecular Biology in the University of Heidelberg

Research Research Programs

Structure, Function and Regulation of Biomolecules

This research program focuses on the analysis of the structure-function-relationships of biological macromolecules, on the elucidation of their functional regulation and on their interaction in biological machines and molecular networks. This also includes, among other things, the investigation of epigenetic control mechanisms, the regulation of the basal transcription machinery and of mRNA, the folding and quality control of proteins as well as the intracellular processing of signals.

Organization and Differentiation of Cells and Stem Cells

This research program focuses on the analysis of principles of molecular organization and function determining the characteristics and behavior of cells. With the help of molecular and cell-biological methods, basal cellular processes, including those responsible for intracellular protein transport and signal transduction as well as division, differentiation, architecture, migration and aging of cells, are being investigated.

Development and Regeneration, Degeneration, Aging and Cancer

This research program focuses on the functional analysis of regulatory processes in the context of a tissue or an organism during embryonic development, tissue regeneration, and tumorigenesis. In addition to in vitro organ cultures the model organisms Drosophila melanogaster, Xenopus laevis and mice are being studied.